Our motto is “Building Better Men” – our vision is to build confident disciples and leaders, to equip our men to serve our communities.

Single Adult Ministry

A joint initiative of the women’s and men’s ministry, we are here to serve the needs of today’s single adults via events, forums and teaching.

Women’s Discipleship Ministry

To assist women in developing a deeper understanding and relationship in God through worship, fellowship, training and leisure.


We provide quality formative and continuing learning opportunities to Pastors and key leaders for effective ministry in church and society.

Creative Arts Ministry

Developing and encouraging the skilful and power-filled communication of the Gospel through music, drama, design and other creative art forms.

Youth & Discipleship

Through a variety of activities and events, we support our young people through their life’s journey, helping them to become successful adults.

Evangelism & Missions

Effecting change through the provision of relevant support, training and equipping services to ensure the successful implementation of a fit for purpose soul-winning and life-changing campaign across all of our Churches and the communities they serve.


Ministering to, working with, and supporting those who are most in need.