Our Vision

To assist women in developing a deeper understanding and relationship in God through worship, fellowship, training and leisure and to enhance our relationship with the wider community and the world.

Our Mission

To assist women in their spiritual growth, leadership and personal development, emotional and intellectual needs in their various stages of life regardless of their race or culture.

Joycelyne Bolt

Director’s Welcome

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

The Women’s Ministry started in the 1920s in the USA and was given full recognition in the General Assembly of 1936. In England, this Ministry was organised in 1964 under the leadership of Mrs. Rose Lyseight.

In 2014, the department celebrated 50 years of Women’s Ministry and we continue to look to the future with great hope and expectation.

We work across the UK in our churches, empowering women through various means. Women and young ladies in our churches are actively exploring ways to meet the needs of all women, including those who attend church, as well as those from the wider community.

This department celebrates all that women are created to be and so we promote:

  • Healthy, spiritual growth
  • Confident, purposeful living
  • Empowered, successful women

To achieve this we recognise the diversity as well as the commonality of our needs.

We encourage women to develop a deep relationship with God through prayer, worship and education. We understand that through the inclusion of other cultures we can enhance our congregations, build our community and strengthen ourselves for the challenges facing our society today.

Joycelyne Bolt
National Director of WDM

WDM Leadership Team

Mrs Joycelyne Bolt
Mrs Linda Edwards
Mrs Sonia Grandison

Mrs Angela Nelson
Mrs Jacqueline Pitt
Miss Natalie Walters