Let's Go There
Mrs Joycelyne Bolt and The Women's Discipleship Ministries invites you to tune in to a new podcast series called LET'S GO THERE. Bringing Spiritual Insights, Biblical Hope, Encouragement and support on a range of everyday issues affecting women and their families. Real life. Real Issues. Real Talk. You can listen to the podcasts here:

New Podcasts from February 2022

Please see below the podcast series by Delroy Hall exploring Loss, Grief and Bereavement.

Happy New Year!  
'Ask What You Desire' podcast brought to you by Revd David King.

Abuse in intimate relationships podcasts below:

Financial Abuse- Ep6

Coercive Control - Ep5

Physical Abuse - Ep4

Emotional Abuse - Ep3

Spiritual Abuse - Ep2

Domestic Abuse - Ep1

Soul Ties / Soul Wounds podcasts below:

Soul Wounds - Intergenerational Trauma

Soul Ties - Episode 4

Soul Ties - Episode 3

Soul Ties - Episode 2

Soul Ties - Episode 1