This project is linked to our Heritage Centre and it is in this context that the Women’s Heritage  Working Group wishes to implement an interactive digital platform to share the women’s stories and their impact on their churches, their communities and society as a whole. The estimated cost of this project is £5,000.

In phase 1 we will explore the lives and contribution of our six National Presidents since the early 60s: Mrs Rose Lyseight, Mrs Nysia McIntyre, Rev Muriel Arnold, Rev Phyllis Brown, Rev Millicent Brown and Mrs Joycelyne  Bolt, beginning with interviews in May 2020. In the second phase, we plan to interview others who have accomplished extraordinary things that have impacted their churches and the lives of those around them.

We believe that by acknowledging and capturing the achievements and contribution of our women in this way, will go beyond certificates, medals and a bouquet of flowers. It will engage the new generation and a wider audience in reflection, learning and interpretation of our church history and the specific roles that our women played and continue to play in the growth of our church and our impact on the British religious landscape.

Some ways in which you could participate in this project are as follows:

  • You could make a financial donation on a one-off or a monthly basis
  • You could organize some fundraising activities in your church to help us meet our budget of £5000.
  • If you have  letters, photographs, programmes, booklets or examples of tributes that will help tell the story of women’s experiences in the NTCG, both past and present that can contribute to our collection, please share these with Rev Phyllis Thompson at the Heritage Centre. If you would like to discuss this further, please feel welcome to telephone her at the Heritage Centre where she can be contacted on Thursdays. (Tel  No: 01604 824 238)
  • Tell others about this project and encourage them to engage with it in as far as is possible for them.

This short video clip has been produced by members of the WDM Heritage Working Group. The video aims to raise awareness of women's contribution to the rich history of the New Testament Church of God by sharing their experiences and stories of life from the 1950s to the present day. In the clip, members of the Women's Working Group are requesting your help to raise a minimum of £5000 to set up and maintain an interactive, digital panel, which will be dis­played at the Heritage Centre in Northampton. Details of how to get involved are shared along with the value and importance of your donations.