Challenges of Pentecostal Theology in the 21st Century


Where is Pentecostal theology going in the 21st century?
How does it address issues of spirituality, politics and justice?
What do Pentecostals have to offer the worldwide Church?
These and other vital questions are explored by Joel Edwards, Charlotte Johnson,
Steven Land, Douglas Nelson, Phyllis Thompson and Keith Warrington. Packed full
of wisdom and helpful guidance, this is an invaluable resource for church leaders
and students training for the ministry throughout the Pentecostal world.
‘A must for all who are seeking to improve their knowledge of Pentecostal
theology and recognize its distinctives.’
Donald Bolt
‘A must-read book for present-day and emerging Pentecostal scholars
as they engage with the challenges.’
Dulcie Dixon McKenzie
‘A helpful resource for anyone who wishes to engage with Pentecostalism.’
Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin
‘Advice for the present and hope for the future.’
William K. Kay
‘Insightful reflections on Pentecostal theology and its methods . . .
enabled by personal encounter with God’s Holy Spirit.’
William P. Atkinson

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Publication Date: 18 Jun 2020
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 160
Author: Phyllis Thompson
ISBN-13: 9780281084258, 9780281084265

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