NTCG Creative Arts Ministry

Developing and encouraging the skilful and power-filled communication of the Gospel through music, drama, design and other creative art forms.

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Being formed in the image of the Lord our creator, one of our distinguishing characteristics as people is our creativity. It is only right that we should harness our creative gifts to give honour to the Lord and serve Him with gladness.

The formation of NTCG Creative Arts has at its root the desire to equip creative arts leaders and the body generally to worship with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and dare I say, creativity.

Our Vision

To see a body of creative arts ministers who are highly skilled, experienced and passionate about making Christ known through artistic expressions.

Our Mission

To support the development of effective creative arts leaders through a system of discipleship, and cultivate a UK-wide standard across our churches for musical and artistic expressions of worship to build up the Body of Christ and communicate the good news.

Skills Audit

The purpose of this survey is to gather information about the wealth of gifted artists within the NTCG.

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In order to comprehensively deliver the vision for music and creative arts ministry to the full benefit of each congregation and the members of the Church it is important that we get a full picture of the skills and abilities of the people that God has currently placed within our fellowships across England and Wales.

We are particularly (but not exclusively) keen to capture information about people:

  1. who are skilled in the arts but are not utilising them in their local fellowships or at all
  2. who play classical instruments
  3. who are skilled in creative arts which are not commonly promoted or used in our local fellowships
  4. who are teachers or mentors in creative arts

Please be very open and honest in your responses. Any data provided will be strictly held by the National Office and used for the purposes of developing this national music and arts initiative.

Leadership Team

Aundrae Jordine

CAM Director

Nadine Lee

Adrian Moore

Michael Bolt

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New Testament Church of God National Office, 3 Cheyne Walk, Northampton, NN1 5PT, UK
Email: creativearts@nullntcg.org.uk  •  Tel: 01604 824 222