Project 2013

Golden Anniversary Youth Convention

NTCG Golden Anniversary Convention Crest

On the 3rd – 5th May 2013 the National Youth and Christian Education Department celebrated its Golden Anniversary National Youth and Christian Education Convention.

An Interactive Timeline DVD-ROM Set was produced to celebrate and document 50 continuous years of National Youth & CE Conventions (1963-2013). It features video interviews from past National Youth Directors, 42 of 50 past Youth & CE Convention Programmes in PDF format, photographs from yesteryear, articles and much more!

You can still get involved

If you have any of the following from yesteryear, here is what we would like you to do:

  • Convention and other printed Programmes – send a scanned document (PDF, 150 dpi) or photocopy to us.
  • Convention Photographs – send a scan (200 dpi) or photocopy to us (also provide detail about the image, date, place, people, etc)
  • Personally produced and owned video footage or audio recordings – send a copy on DVD/CD to us with details about the recording. Alternatively, call the office if you are not able to convert it.
  • Memorable moments and anecdotes from conventions, KIT, National Youth Talent, etcemail or write to us.

We would like to prevent being inundated with the same items, so before sending anything we would greatly appreciate it if you would firstly inform us of what you have. Please include your name and contact details with all submissions. We cannot guarantee that your submission will be returned to you, so send copies rather than originals unless requested.

Golden Anniversary Souvenirs