The annual lecture is held during February – the month designated for Education in our denomination. The lectures offer additional space for us to engage in conversations about our Pentecostal heritage and how this informs our theology and missiological focus. Feedback on the events includes the following:

The Annual Lecture affords our church leaders the coveted opportunity to become aware of the multiple challenges confronting Kingdom operations in the twenty first century and the privilege of discovering strategies for overcoming them.Rev Barrington Mullings
Without a doubt, the challenges that we face, both as an individual denomination and as part of the wider evangelical community in the United Kingdom grow greater with each passing year. The Oliver Lyseight Lectures help to facilitate our quest to grapple with the challenges and issues we encounter. I firmly believe that this event is now more invaluable to our church than it has ever been before.Richard Stroud
The Oliver Lyseight Annual lectures are really inspiring and enlightening. They motivate me to study and find out more about our heritage. They also help me to clarify my understanding of the way forward for our Church. This is a direction we need to maintain to remain at the cutting edge as we face the challenges of the 21st century.Elaire Reid
The Oliver Lyseight Annual lectures have been a source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement to me. It is one of the foremost important events in the calendar of the New Testament Church of God.Pastor Hadassah Radway
Every serious education institution needs an annual lecture to analyse the past and chart the future. The Black British church in the 21st century needs direction and leadership now more than ever. The NTCG Leadership Training Centre throws down the gauntlet for its leaders to then accept or decline the challenge.Rev Kevin Shaw
The Oliver Lyseight Annual Lecture is one of the brightest rays of light which has dawned on our Church. Each topic sits timely within our educational needs and advancement right now. I encourage every leader within the NTCG who values our heritage to grasp these unique opportunities to broaden our corporate learning to meet the needs of 21st century people.Rev Donnovan Allen