Bridgette Brooks

I attended ‘Knowing the Holy Spirit’ course at the LTC. Without hesitation, I would recommend this course to the person who believes they know everything about the Holy Spirit (HS), to the individual who believes they know nothing about the HS and to all those in between. So many aspects of the HS were explored, from the Doctrine of the HS, the Nature of the HS, Gifts of the Spirit and so much more. I was encouraged to have a closer relationship with the HS, relationship being the operative word. The Spirit is not a mobile phone or designer handbag that we pick up to use when required. Having a relationship with the HS negates the “pumping up” experience because we are already connected with the third, but equal, person of the Godhead. The tutor was inspiring and the course material extremely informative. This was a life changing course for me.”

Rev Bridgette Brooks

Eustace Constance

I have been involved in church ministry for over 25 years. The things that I have found invaluable are the leading of Gods Holy spirit and the wisdom of men and women of God who have travelled the road and experienced the highs and lows of ministry. ‘Learning the Practices of Ministry’ along with the other courses in this category are just that, they are packed with wisdom and deliver a practical approach to ministry in language that even I could understand. These courses are a must for the Minister who is in or has a desire to enrich and maximise their ministry opportunity. The courses succeed in delivering practical biblical insight, knowledge and wisdom which comes from the heart of writers and facilitators who have lived and understand ministry. In my view, these courses should be compulsory for every church leader and come highly recommended to everyone engaged in Christian service who wishes to add to their knowledge and understanding of the practices of ministry.”

Rev Eustace Constance

Roger Maynard

The Leadership Training Centre at Northampton continues to produce high quality learning that is a credit to the New Testament Church of God. I can truly say that I have never been disappointed in the course material on offer. Having recently attended the ‘Planting and Growing Healthy Churches’ course; the quality of the presentations were again of an excellent standard. The facilitators were succinct, informative and honest in their delivery and the two case studies from Rev Clarence Riley (South Norwood) and Rev David Edwards (Crewe) were both inspiring and thought provoking in equal measure. I was so enthused by the course I decided to become a Gideon partner to sew into our ministerial education and training programme. It is a small token of the appreciation I have for the work of the administrators of Leadership Training Centre.”

Rev Roger Maynard

Jennie Wisdom

The ‘Helping People in Crisis’ course appealed to me after hearing a lady speaking of her experience on the course. I was inspired and greatly encouraged. It was a challenge getting back into studies but the Leadership Training Centre was a warm and welcoming place that brought such peace, enabling me to focus. I received support from the team of committed facilitators and my peers. The course enabled me to develop and widened my understanding of the subject I was studying. It was thought provoking leaving me with a desire to help people in crisis. I would recommend all pastors, church leaders/workers to enrol on this course, as I believe it is imperative and needed in our church and society. Our community is built up with people, people with issues and as a people of God it is our priority to meet these needs with care, compassion and empathy.”

Jennie Wisdom

Allan Hayles

I was impressed by the content of the course ‘Leading with Integrity’ and became fascinated by the depth and professionalism of the facilitators. The textbook, authored by some of the great leaders and pioneers of our church and further reading of Curtis Grey’s book “So Send I you” were refreshing , challenging and provided valuable insights on the characteristics, role and responsibilities of effective leadership. In my estimation, both books should be ‘a must read’ for every leader, if only for personal enrichment. I especially valued the approach to learning, it brought the course participants together in an informal and friendly environment where we could draw on each others’ experience: ask questions pertinent to our ministry contexts, think together through the issues raised, signpost each other to relevant information to help clarify and deepen our understanding.”

Rev Allan Hayles

Prim Reynolds

I attended ‘Living The Faith’ with an open mind as I really did not know what to expect. However, to my surprise the course excelled my expectations, causing me to realise everything that I received is what I needed to aid greater understanding. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. The subjects covered such as Doctrine of Revelation, Doctrine of Jesus Christ, Doctrine of the Holy Spirit and Doctrine of Eschatology inspired me immensely. I realise that in order to live the Christian faith effectively, we need knowledge. As you receive the knowledge, there is a mindset change which in turn brings about change. Living the Faith in my personal opinion is transformation learning. I have been inspired to look into further studies in theology. I recommend and encourage every believer to enrol on this course.”

Rev Prim Reynolds

Jacqueline Newsome

I have enjoyed and have been challenged by the MIP programme. Learning from experienced tutors and networking with other ministers was particularly useful and provided valuable insights into how I can best serve the local congregation I currently pastor.”

Rev Jacqueline Newsome
Ministerial Internship Programme (MIP)

Chris Lindo

I thoroughly enjoyed the CAMS course. The course material was informative, enriching, challenging, practical and relevant. Elements of the course material have been utilised at my local Church and the resources are still serving as reference points in helping us to shape the variety of outreach ministries we offer to our community.”

Chris Lindo
Calling and Ministry Studies (CAMS)

Cathy Flowers

I recognised that where I was timid and lacked confidence in the past, by God’s grace I can confidently say through the CIMS Courses, my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of purpose and possibilities. The training and teaching have allowed me to move away from the comfort zone I once embraced. My perspective of ministry has changed dramatically. My assistance to the local Pastor in the area of Bible Studies has been greatly improved.”

Cathy Flowers
Certificate in Ministerial Studies (CIMS)

Graham Owen

To progress to the rank of Ordained Bishop I had to undertake the course Leading With Integrity. Being my first encounter with the Leadership Training Centre as a student I found the staff were supportive and helpful. The course was informative and the material educational and challenging. Each rank of the ministry brings its own responsibilities and the course content assisted in preparing me for the transition enabling me to evaluate my ministry and providing a firm foundation for future growth. I enjoyed the course and know that my ministry has benefited from undertaking it.”

Bishop Graham Owen
Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD)