The Learning Programmes

The courses, seminars, lectures, conferences and Distance Learning Packs are designed and facilitated to support the formation and development of Christian leaders in their various practice of ministry.


Certificate in Ministerial Studies (CIMS)

The Certificate in Ministerial Studies (CIMS) courses are open to Pastors and Church leaders from all Christian denominations. CIMS courses provide learning and development opportunities for effective Christian service within and beyond the local church.

Ministry & Personal Enrichment Courses

The following groups of courses are recommended for those wishing to become more effective in their ministry areas. An achievement award will be gained on completion of a written assignment and exam for each module. Please click on your ministry area for more details.

Three programmes are specific to the New Testament Church of God ministerial licensure process to the ranks of credentialed ministry:

Calling and Ministries Studies (CAMS)

The Calling and Ministries Studies (CAMS) affirm and prepare Exhorter licensure candidates for the first rank of credentialed ministry, with additional studies for Christian Education or Ministry of Music.

Ministerial Internship Programme (MIP)

The Ministerial Internship Programme (MIP) connects the candidate for the rank of ordained ministry with experienced pastors for mentoring and ministry training.

Continuing Ministerial Development Programme (CMDP)

The Continuing Ministerial Development Programme (CMDP) supports the candidates in their preparation for ministry of the ordained Bishop.


Approach to Learning

The courses facilitated at the Leadership Training Centre are delivered via distance learning and offer participants the opportunity to:

  • Study at the time and pace that best suit their schedule;
  • Study individually or with others at home
  • Develop the skills to reflect critically upon their experience and learn from it
  • Participate in small online groups to discuss course material and learning outcomes
  • Enhance the ability to work constructively
  • Participate in at least two facilitator-led sessions for each course at the Leadership Training Centre;
  • Explore biblical and theological premise for enrichment and the enhancement of Christian service¬†in contemporary society
  • Learn from participating in face-to-face and e-group discussions
  • Gain insight from fellowship with others


I have enjoyed and have been challenged by the MIP programme. Learning from experienced tutors and networking with other ministers was particularly useful and provided valuable insights into how I can best serve the local congregation I currently pastor.Revd Jacqueline Newsome - Ministerial Internship Programme (MIP)
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