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Social Responsibility

Part of our responsibility as a Church is to speak out against the injustices of this world, for example, the increase of poverty in this country, the imbalance of young black men in correctional institutions and mental health facilities.

“But he, willing to justify himself, said unto Jesus, and who is my neighbour?” (Luke 10:29)

The National church has a voice on current issues of the day and will be expected to speak out unilaterally or as part of representative organisations such as the Evangelical Alliance, The Free Churches Council and the Churches Together in England. Support, training and benchmarking opportunities will allow churches to develop local initiatives to engage with the community.


Chaplaincy is about ministering to our community across institutions such as prisons and detention centres, healthcare and hospitals, colleges and universities and many other settings.
The mission of chaplaincy is bringing the gospel message of God’s love, hope, meaning and purpose in the lives of those we encounter, as we see demonstrated by the compassionate care of the Good Samaritan.

Matthew 25:35-36 also embraces our mission:

‘…for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.’


  • To become better equipped and more effective as a Chaplaincy Volunteer
  • Develop Chaplaincy as a Mission and Christ Centred Ministry within our Churches
  • Work in partnership with the Leadership Training Centre in providing Chaplaincy Ministry courses and to promote pathway opportunities
  • Engagement with Prison Ministry Regional Leads and connection with District Churches
  • Develop a National NTCG Chaplaincy Ministry Database
  • Working in partnership with Free Churches Group (Prisons, Healthcare and Education) freechurches.org.uk

Contact Church of God Chaplains Commission UK

Rev Virginia Thomas - National Director
Email: chaplaincy@nullntcg.org.uk

National Chaplaincy Board Members:

Mrs Karen Ellis – Prison Chaplaincy

Bishop Albert Watson - Healthcare Chaplaincy

Rev Linford Davis – Prison Chaplaincy

Rev Marlene Gidharry - University Chaplaincy

Course Facilitators Volunteer Chaplaincy Ministries Levels 1 & 2


Rev David Edwards – Higher Education Chaplaincy

Rev Jacqui Gayle – Healthcare Chaplaincy

Rev Dennis Hines – Prison Chaplaincy

Mrs Paulette Derby-Johnson – Prison Chaplaincy

Ms Audrey Browne – Knowing Yourself and Others

Ms Paulette Peters – Therapeutic Counsellor

Contact: Leadership Training Centre about VCM Levels 1 & 2

Web: www.ntcg.org.uk/education  Email: education@nullntcg.org.uk

For more information about:

  • Course details and outcomes
  • Course requirements, including assignments, workbook and text books
  • Provision of student support
  • Participants feedback post course attendance

Prison Ministry – Regional Leads

West Midlands Region

Mrs Karen Ellis and Yvonne Johnson, (Assistant Regional Lead)

HMP Oakwood, HMP Featherstone, HMP Hewell,

HMP Swinfen Hall, YOI and HMP Stafford, HMP (New) Prison Long Lartin

London Region

Rev Churchill Davy and Mrs Donna Adams-Smith,(Chaplain Administrator)

HMP Brixton, HMP Maidstone (Foreign Nationals), HMP Pentonville,

HMP Wandsworth, HMP YOI Rochester, East Sutton Park (Women’s Open Prison)

HMP/YOI ISIS and IRC Heathrow comprised of:

Colnbrook Unit (Men’s), Harmondsworth Unit (Men’s),

SAHARA Unit (Women’s short stay unit)

South West Region

Rev Lester Freckleton

HMP Eastwood Park, HMP Ashfield,

HMP Layhill, HMP Harfield

Wolverhampton & Staffordshire Region

Ms Raj Powell and Mr Richard Wisdom, (Assistant Regional Lead)

HMP Dovegate, HMP Stoke Heath,

HMP Werrington, HMP Oakwood

Thames Valley Region

Rev Colin Hudson

HMP The Mount, HMP Bedford

North Region

Rev Patrick Pryce

HMP Newhall (Women’s), HMP Leeds, HMP Manchester

East Midlands Region

Mrs Paulette Derby-Johnson

HMP Wellingborough (opening January 2022), HMP Peterborough