Dr Eric A Brown

Dr. Eric A. Brown came to prominence upon his appointment as National Youth & Christian Education Director. In his welcome address at the first Youth Convention on the 20th – 23rd April 1984 held at De Montfort Hall in Leicester, he quoted Isaiah 6 indicating that he had accepted the vision as his vision “Here I am. Send me.” 

On completion of his term as National Youth & Christian Education Director, he was appointed Pastor and District Overseer of the Wood Green Church and District, where he served for 11 years until 2002 when he was elected as the Administrative Bishop.

Appointment to Administrative Bishop

Coming into office as National Overseer was a challenge for which he was prepared; he had been praying for guidance for the national church. His election and appointment was a watershed for the church; he had the tremendous task of restoring confidence in the ministry, building a strong leadership team, tackling the task of relocation for the National Office. By God’s divine providence the BIG MOVE vision was born.

Education & Training

The vision and implementation of the Gideon Project, the restructuring of the Ministerial Examination Board and the syllabus, Calling and Ministries Studies [CAMS], Ministerial Internship Programme [MIP], Continuing Ministerial Development Programme [CMDP] and other areas of learning were adopted and linked to the NTCG Leadership Training Centre.

Policy Changes

The years 2005 -2006 saw the most intense litigation the church had ever experienced. Resulting in all Pastors (fulltime or vocational) being classed as employees and protected by a contract of employment; which comes under the Employment Legislation. He has given oversight for the development and production of a Governance Manual that covers all aspects of Pastors and Staff working conditions and Financial Management Guidance. He has also overseen the introduction of Gift Aid Management, Health & Safety Policy, and Human Rights protection for all employees and volunteers.

Women’s Missions

During Dr. Brown’s tenure, the Women’s Ministries implemented the SHAPE Project which Supports and Helps women Achieve Potential through Education. The team, led by Revd Millicent Brown, was able to purchase a property in Birmingham (owned by NTCG) to carry out the objectives of SHAPE (2011).


Dr. Eric Brown is of the calibre where he fits into any given situation, be it among royalty, religious leaders, retired ministers, or visiting sick ministers. He is truly a ‘people person’; a leader that has gained respect across the Church of God (both locally and internationally). Under his administration, the BIGMOVE was born. Its seven pillars were the focus for church growth, educational advancement, and ministerial and leadership development.

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