• Phyllis Thompson speaking about the NTCG Heritage Centre on BBC Radio Northampton
The vision of this inspirational Centre is outstanding. It gives insight into our history – the struggles and the triumphs; the present – the motivation and challenge; and the future- our hopes and aspirations enhanced and realised. So thrilled that the legacy of the founding fathers and all those who have followed will be presented and passed on to generations to come.Evadney and Lloyd Ellis , GA USA
Good experienceNaum Ambundo Sheffield, UK
Inspirational and upliftingEmeka Drumade
Great place to visit. The NTCG is doing a great thingJonathan McGill Fyffe AL USA
We congratulate you on the excellent work you are doing.Bishop Joseph Roberts Sheffield UK
I am better for this visitBishop Dr Roy Notice Bethel Bible College JA
God bless what you are doing and multiply the resultsJohn Draper, Compassion UK
Excellent and very informativeBishop Steve and Sonia Williams, Oldbury UK
What an amazing and relevant work of God and labour of love. Congratulations to all at this wonderful Centre.Dr Steve Jack and Jonathan Land, Cleveland TN USA
InspirationalColin Bennett, Moorlands College, UK
Congratulations for establishing the Heritage Centre and the Roswith Gerloff collection. We have a heritage to celebrate that has helped to shape Christianity in the UK and worldwide. Keep up the good work.Dr Dulcie Dixon BBC Radio Leicester/Queens Foundation Birmingham UK
A fascinating and faith affirming Centre – Great work. May God continue to bless and prosper all you do for Him.Louise Morse and Janet Jacobs, Pilgrim Friends Society London UK
Great to connect with the story God is writing through the NTCG. Thank God for your work!Harvey Kwmani, Birmingham Christian College UK
Dropped in after seeing the signpost outside and as a member of the Church of God in Italy. I was happy to be shown round the exhibition.Rev Desmond Decker
A wonderful Facility. May it be used and sustained for many, many years.Lynn Vickery, Wesley Chapel London UK
Rich heritage! Inspiring!Dr & Mrs Steven Darnel COG European Field Director Cleveland TN USA
The Roswith Gerloff archive is a vital resource for understanding significant developments within religion in Britain in the twentieth century and beyond. I am grateful for the NTCG for making this available.Dr John Maiden, The Open University UK
An amazing resource and a wonderful opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the history of the New Testament Church of God. It’s been a great visit.
Lloyce McLaren Cambridgeshire, UK
I am very proud of our Heritage Centre. So glad that our history has been recorded in a way that I can relate.

Rev Pauline Bookal Wembley, UK
Congratulations to all involved in developing such an informative and clearly presented heritage experience. I feel I have a much better sense of the distinctive and valuable contribution that the NTCG and other Pentecostal Christians make to the Church in the UK.
Philip Law SPCK
A wonderful opportunity to explore the Heritage Centre – fascinating history and story- thank you.

Shermara Fletcher Churches Together in England.