Enrolment & Registration

Enrolment to the Leadership Training Centre as a student is a simple process consisting of just 2 steps which are, enrolment to LTC and registration for a course.

Step one

Completion of an Enrolment Form is required only once. Completed forms should be sent to the administrator at LTC 3 Cheyne Walk Northampton NN1 5PT, or submitted online together with payment of the one off £15.00 enrolment fee.
Enrolment enables LTC to capture information for the database which allocates a unique student identification reference number.

Enrol by Form:

Download our Enrolment Form, complete it, and email it back to us at:education@nullntcg.org.uk

Download Enrolment Form


Step two

Course registration, a student is required to register for each course or set of courses they wish to take. Payments for all courses must be made before completion of each taught session – payment plans for programmes or sets of courses can be made via prior arrangement with the LTC administrator.
Students name will then be added to the relevant class register, and allocated course resources.

  1. Students must enrol with the Leadership Training Centre, then register for each course or set of courses they wish to take.
  2. Students must pay for tuition and course materials at the start of their first course or set up a payment plan for groups of courses with the LTC administrator.
  3. Students must achieve an examination result of 70% or more and complete assignments to pass each CIMs module. The final grade is an average of all examinations in a module.
  4. A course should be completed one year from the date of the taught session.


Sitting an exam at one of the 3 dates offered per year advance booking is essential. All resits require payments in advance, please call the Leadership Training Centre Administrator on 01604 824 233 or email education@nullntcg.org.uk to book your exam place or exam resit place. All tuition and fees must be paid before students are permitted to take final examinations.

Students will be notified of their progression after receiving their exam results.

Achievement Awards

An achievement award is given upon completion of course work in each of the biblical, doctrinal and pastoral areas. Since there are no prerequisites, courses may be taken in any sequence. For example, if students want an achievement award in doctrinal studies they can concentrate on studies in that area.

34 Credits are required for a CIMS certificate.


All single Calling in Ministerial Studies courses are payable in full before the commencement of the first taught session.

Programmes or groups of courses can be paid in full or by setting up a payment plan with the LTC administrator.

Payments can be made by Bacs or Debit /Credit Card.

Please call the administrator for details of online booking.

Refund Policy

The Leadership Training Centre will refund fees adjusted to the following scale. after a written request from the student:

  • Withdrawal within two weeks of the beginning of the single course or programme 100%
  • Withdrawal within three weeks of the beginning of the single course or programme 50%
  • After three weeks 0%

The official date of termination will be the date that the letter is received by the administration department.

Refunds do not include the registration fee, textbooks, study guides or refreshments.

Equal Opportunities

It is the policy of the Leadership Training Centre that all people, irrespective of their religion, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, age, disability, gender, marital status will be treated equally.


I attended ‘Living The Faith‘ with an open mind as I really did not know what to expect. However, to my surprise the course excelled my expectations, causing me to realise everything that I received is what I needed to aid greater understanding…”
Rev Prim Reynolds

These courses are a must for the Minister who is in or has a desire to enrich and maximise their ministry opportunity. The courses succeed in delivering practical biblical insight, knowledge and wisdom which comes from the heart of writers and facilitators who have lived and understand ministry…”
Rev Eustace Constance

I recognised that where I was timid and lacked confidence in the past, by God’s grace I can confidently say through the CIMS Courses, my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of purpose and possibilities. The training and teaching have allowed me to move away from the comfort zone I once embraced…”
Cathy Flowers