Dr Garrick Wilson


DIS, BSc(Hons), PGCert, MPhil, PhD

Dr. Garrick K. Wilson oversees Convergence Science Training at a world leading university. Convergence Science is the merging of medicine, engineering, mathematics, chemistry and physics to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancers. He is the holder of several appointments including an Honorary Research Fellowship in Vascular Biology. He is also a recognized author in the medical and scientific fields with several publications describing human diseases including strategies to manage them. He is the Director of BUiLD; an initiative which promotes the educational, spiritual and entrepreneurial aspirations of young men. He also provides oversight relating to policy, governance and training for several organizations. He is a member of NTCG Chrisma Christian Centre, where he serves on the Leadership Team with a portfolio in Education and Training. In his spare time, he writes on matters of theology and justice with a number of books in the pipeline.

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